I am so lucky to live where I do!  Four seasons of ever-changing weather, and a rich and varied supply of natural bounty right outside the door.  If you live in the Farmington Valley, you will find lots of great recommendations here for places to go to get wonderful local food and drink, from farms to small business purveyors.   If you are from further afield, you’ll still find plenty of good information about good food and ideas for living locally.

We are a family of 5, with a husband with a formidable junk-food habit and three adventurous kids.   My goal is to eat closer to the source, and to enjoy lots of variety and lots of flavor.  We do not fear animal products, dairy, gluten, or nuts as a matter of course, and you’ll find me waxing poetic about all those things at some point.  Adapt recipes as you see fit for your own family!


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